The Risk Center offers the following courses at the MSc and MAS level:

This course provides an introduction to various aspects of dealing and managing risk across different industries, contexts and applications. Classes will alternate between invited industry speakers and risk professionals, lectures and scheduled group meetings.

With the global increase in interconnectivity, the potential for disruption is everywhere. Modern organisations who build resilience in all systems will respond intelligently to emergent disruptions. This course explores the concept of resilience and its application to socio-technical systems: The resilience of infrastructure systems and how individuals and social groups interact in and with them.

Technological advances, digitization and the ability to store and process vast amounts of data has changed the landscape of banking and finance. This course unpacks the technologies underlying these transformations and reflects on the impact they have on the financial world. Changes in management are also covered.

Supported by Risk Center and ETH faculty, students will explore the case challenges in teams and develop possible solutions. The case challenges will force students to apply their disciplinary backgrounds as well as their creativity and logical problem-solving skills with emphasis on evidence and application. Typically, the case challenges are complex, cover ambiguities, and may be addressed in more than one way.

Individual Courses offered by the Risk Center Members.



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